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  • Rich and Lost in Prosperia
  • A Tropical Tale of Market Economics
  • Doramas Jorge-Calderón

About the Book

Inspired to educate people about economics in a creative and enjoyable way, longtime economist Doramas Jorge-Calderon provides an entertaining tropical tale about two young men starting up their businesses in Rich & Lost in Prosperia: A Tropical Tale of Market Economics. Pursuing their life's dreams, Richy and Losto explore the world of market economics in the way that we experience it: unnoticed in the background of our daily life, yet always influencing it.

A reggae lover, selling handcrafts by the beach promenade from a tent, wonders why increasing prices when he is already making a decent profit, should be good for society. A young, ambitious money seeker comes up with a scheme to run musical promenades for all citizens to enjoy free of charge.

An economics professor would not take free money and looks for trust and someone pursuing a hobby. The island's prime minister juggles interests groups with trying to act in the interests of her people. A corrupt mayor runs a charity.

Privilege, profit, trust, respect, trickery, professionalism, smuggling, half-truths, competition and passion show how markets work. There is no need for equations.

Come to the tropical islands of Prosperia and Stagnia to follow the entertaining twists and turns of two young entrepreneurs starting out in business, learn why there are rich and poor countries, and disentangle the frequently misunderstood roles that self-interest and greed play in the workings of the economy we live in. Economics is rarely so fluid and alive.

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