In his 20 years at the EIB, Doramas Jorge-Calderón has worked on private and public sector investment operations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, including:

• 64 airport expansion, rehabilitation or greenfield projects;
• 12 Air Traffic Management capacity expansion and modernisation projects;
• 25 airline fleet replacement and expansion operations;
• 2 forest firefighting aircraft acquisition projects;
• 14 aeronautics RDI, component manufacturing and final assembly plant investments;
• 2 aerospace launch facilities and satellite deployment projects;
• 27 seaport expansion and greenfield investments;
• 3 ship acquisition operations;
• 8 urban transport bus, tramway and underground system projects;
• 2 electric and hybrid private vehicle for lease fleet investments;
• 7 renewable energy investments;
• 2 Natural gas distribution projects; and
• 1 telecommunications project.

Before that he worked for 3 years in the London office of consultants National Economic Research Associates advising governments and corporations on economic regulation and competition policy. While at NERA he worked in projects in Europe and Australia, including:

• 3 advisory assignments to clients in the pharmaceutical and mining industries during referrals to the competition authorities;
• 2 projects on government competition policy in the airline and local bus industries; and
• 2 projects on infrastructure finance and privatisation in the railway and road sectors.

Doramas Jorge-Calderón gained a PhD at the University of Leeds with a thesis on the economics of airline competition. He holds an MA in Transport Economics also from Leeds, and a BSc in economics, specialising in macroeconomics, from the University of Buckingham.

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