Doramas Jorge-Calderón is an economist specialised in investment appraisal, industrial organisation and transport economics, with special focus on the aviation sector. He works at the European Investment Bank, the EU investment institution, based in Luxembourg, where he appraises investments in aviation and maritime transport. Before that he worked at consultants National Economic Research Associates on regulation and competition policy. He holds a PhD in economics from Leeds University. Please see "About" for more details.

Doramas Jorge-Calderón has published a number of academic articles and contributed to trade journals and magazines in the field of aviation investment and competition. He has also spoken on trade conferences on air and maritime transport. Please see pages "Articles" and "Conferences."

He has written two books, one on investment in aviation, aimed at a practitioners, and the other on popular economics.  Please refer to "Professional books" and "Popular economics books", respectively, for more information.

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